Round 2 NFR Lockhart’s decision pays off

A night after wavering on whether to stick with riding Rosa or switching to Louie, barrel racer Lisa Lockhart’s decision to stay aboard Rosa paid off in spades.
Lisa Lockhart By: Ric Andersen
Lockhart and Rosa teamed up to post a Round 2-winning time of 13.65 seconds.
“It (winning rounds) never gets old,” Lockhart said. “And then when you throw in a change (of horses) like this. Because, you know, Louie has made 80 runs in this building, so it was a very hard change for me and a very tough decision to make to even allow Rosa the opportunity. But, she has been an integral part of my team this year. So, I definitely figured she deserved a chance.”
That decision was made harder when the duo tipped a barrel in Round 1. But instead of switching to the veteran Louie, Lockhart stuck by Rosa. 
“This is pretty special tonight, definitely,” Lockhart said. “I know she is far from consistent like Louie, so there are going to be the highs and the lows. I hope there are more highs than lows. You just know in the back of your mind when they’re not the seasoned veterans – and there are just those types of horse, too – that are just not as consistent, but I know what her abilities are to win first. That’s why we are doing what we’re doing.” 
Lockhart is in second place in the 2018 world standings with $159,746. Hailey Kinsel continues to lead with $229,065.  ~ PRCA Media