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Harvey Update: Helpful Information If You Need help Or Want To Help

The cleanup and recovery after the initial storm and ongoing flood will be an effort that continues for some time. We have had many offers of help, supplies and prayers, which are greatly appreciated. For those that need help or would like to help, we have gathered a list of resources, links and phone numbers.     
If You Need Help Click here for a checklist "Floods and Your Livestock"Click here for Extension Disaster Education Network Flood Resources Animal Shelters and Holding Facilities If you are seeking a large or small animal shelter/holding facility in your area or in your evacuation area, call 2-1-1 or contact the emergency management department in the area you are seeking shelter. To view a list of Texas animal holding facilities and shelters click here. Lost or Found Livestock If you have lost or found livestock, email or fill out the online form.Click here for information on carcass disposal (PDF), including wildlife. Click her…

PBR Global Cup Riders and Coaches Announced for Edmonton Event

Professional Bull Riders (PBR) has announced the coaches who will lead the five teams competing in the inaugural PBR Global Cup – an international bull riding tournament – that is set to debut Nov. 9-11 in Edmonton, Alberta, at the state-of-the-art Rogers Place.
The 2017 Global Cup coaches are: - Australia                              Adriano Moraes               - Brazil                                     Robson Palermo - Canada                                 Aaron Roy - Mexico                                 Michael Gaffney - United States                    Justin McBride 
The PBR Global Cup team members will qualify for their teams based on the PBR world standings following this weekend’s Music City Knockout in Nashville. The dates and venues for PBR Global Cup competition in four additional countries will be announced in the future.
About the PBR Global Cup Coaches Australia – Adriano Moraes A statue of Adriano Moraes on Little Yellow Jacket stands at the entrance of PBR’s hea…

Anthrax found in cattle, Crockett County Texas

Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) officials confirmed anthrax in five cattle on a Crockett County premises. This is the first anthrax case in Texas this year. The premises is located approximately 13 miles east of Ozona and has been quarantined. TAHC rules require proper disposal of affected carcasses and vaccination of other cattle on the premise prior to release of the quarantine.

“The TAHC will continue to closely monitor the situation,” said Dr. Susan Rollo, TAHC state epidemiologist. “Producers are encouraged to remain vigilant and consult with their local veterinary practitioner if they suspect their animals are affected with anthrax or are interested in vaccinating their livestock.”
Anthrax is a bacterial disease caused by Bacillus anthracis, a naturally-occurring organism with worldwide distribution, including parts of Texas. Anthrax cases in Texas are historically found in the triangular area bound by the towns of Uvalde, Ozona and Eagle Pass. This area include…

Cattle and Technology

                            I Can't Be That Old 

Many years ago when the computer first landed in school classrooms I made a comment that has comeback to haunt me." Why do I need to learn that, what good will that do me on the back of a horse " Well, now that happened nearly thirty years ago and look how far we have come with technology. It was about eighteen years ago I finally got a Mobile phone and traded in my "beeper" / "pager", what a beating that was trying to find a phone before the third page with 911 on the end. Some of you will get that? 

There are kids today who have never heard a dial tone, or got chance to get tangled up in the 50ft cord on the kitchen wall phone. Now days you have electronic ear tags, GPS, cattle management computer programs, and the computer tablet you can carry in your pocket. A lot of the larger cattle operations are very technologically advanced than they were less than ten years ago. With…