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Cattle and Technology

I Can't Be That Old :Many years ago when the computer first landed in school classrooms I made a comment that has comeback to haunt me." Why do I need to learn that, what good will that do me on the back of a horse " Well, now that happened nearly thirty years ago and look how far we have come with technology. It was about seventeen years ago I finally got a Mobile phone and traded in my "beeper" / "pager", what a beating that was trying to find a phone before the third page with 911 on the end. Some of you will get that?  There are kids today who have never heard a dial tone, or got chance to get tangled up in the 50ft cord on the kitchen wall phone. 
Now days you have electronic ear tags, GPS, cattle management computer programs, and the computer tablet you can carry in your pocket. A lot of the larger cattle operations are very technologically advanced than they were less than ten years ago. With the new computer systems…

Cattle Drives, Cowtown, and Boarding houses!

Looking for that old west cowboy atmosphere and don't have a time machine yet?
Fort Worth Texas Historic stockyards is the place for you to go in the present day. 
Catch the longhorn cattle drive threw the original brick street past plenty historic buildings, bars, and old wooden holding pen. There is a lot of original old west history to see while walking around then top it off with some rodeo action in the worlds first indoor rodeo arena Stockyards Coliseum. I could spend all day rambling about everything to see and do but what fun is that,get off your butt and head to the Fort. Worth Stockyards for your next weekend getaway. There are plenty of hotels to stay in to fit your budget, but if you want the old days boarding house experience there are a few that will set you back in the 1800's.

                                       { Pictured The Historic Stonehouse Hotel 2401 Ellis Ave FT. Worth, Texas }

Nightlife, well of course what would the stockyards be without live …


PBR World Champion Bucking Bull will now receive a $100,000 bonus; Top bull at PBR World Finals to receive a $25,000 bonus In preparing for the 2017 Built Ford Tough Series season, PBR (Professional Bull Riders) has announced several changes affecting the PBR World Champion Bucking Bull, the PBR Bull of the Finals, and PBR Stock Contractor of the Year. The changes will result in an increase of $125,000 in year-end prize money available to PBR stock contractors. These changes are part of the PBR’s continuing effort to develop the sport and its athletes by regularly reviewing its rules and procedures. These changes will go into effect immediately, starting with the Monster Energy Buck Off at the Garden, Jan. 6-8 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. World Championship Bucking Bull (WCBB) The PBR World Champion Bucking Bull, the most prestigious honor a bucking bull can receive, will now receive a $100,000 bonus. Changes in the awarding of this honor include: · All bulls that c…

Do Rodeo Fans Actually Support The Sport?

With multiple associations, lawsuits and controversy do rodeo fans still support the sport?

In today's time social media takes the forefront in advertising, why just think the amount of time spent staring at your phone during the day. Companies have gotten wise to the trends and have found ways to gain advertising numbers with a simple post of : like, share, and tags friends to win. Simple but effective these contest and giveaways put companies in front of more like minded people than the random newspaper and TV ad. Think of a horse product companies post then you tag your horse friends, now you 
are hitting your target audience as they repeat.

One of the many things I speak about during my social media talks to the people is promotion and censoring yourself for potential sponsors. Everyone has opinions on lots of hot topics, but is that what your fans want to see? Ranting about politics, religion, and relationship issues is not want your fans what to see daily. You have to know tha…

2016 Champion Barrel Racer Mary Burger


2016 Champion Team Ropers Levi Simpson and Jeremy Buhler !


2016 NFR Champion Tie Down Roper Tyson Durfey


Bonnie Caught Up With "Junior Nogueira" All around Winner!


Bonnie Caught Up With 2016 Saddle Bronc Champion Zeke Thurston NFR 2016


Pepper caught up with 2016 ERA World Champs


Ben Jones PBR Membership Withdrawn

As many bull riding fans caught the news Monday in a PBR ( Professional Bull Riders) statement that reads "following several incidents of conduct detrimental to the sport and a violation of probationary terms, Ben Jones’ PBR membership has been withdrawn as of today. He will no longer be competing in PBR-sanctioned events". Having heard rumor to this we reached out to PBR's media team to get conformation on the circulating rumors. As many of you know in today's social media world speculation and rumors can get out of control very quickly. A few rodeo facebook groups were quick to fill up the comments sections with all kinds of off the wall comments regarding the press release with many jumping to conclusions, and some offering support.
As for my "conversation" with the PBR this morning there is nothing more I can release publicly at this time, as it is summed up in the  press release. With that said it's time to gear up for the PBR World Fin…

Watching a Legacy Continue ~ Ronny Kitchens

Many of us often think about what it will be like to to watch our children follow in our foot steps. It is not an uncommon thing to see the youth of today strive to become the same thing that their parents already are. Now imagine being a world class bull rider and seeing your child strive to be the same thing. We all know that the sport of bull riding is full of danger and chance, so just imagine having competed in the sport for a life time to only turn around and see your child strive to be just like you.
Ronny Kitchens has made a lifetime out of spurring bulls and making money. In many people views he rates up there with the best in the world. Recently while at what will be one of his final performances of his amazing career he strapped on his spurs at Bucking Hunger in Cleburne TX. Ronny nodded his head and put on the good old cowboy try just a few outs before his son followed right behind him. When we caught up with Ronny after the performance we could not help bu…

Barrels 4 Boobies Benefit Barrel Race (Big Hearts for a Big Cause)

As the rodeo world know this weekend a world champion put together the numbers to win an event in bull riding. 
What many may not know is in the little town of Mt. Vernon Missouri something else huge happened in the competitive rodeo world. Barrels 4 Boobies may not be front page news on all the big rodeo publications but its value was just as big as any other event.
On Sunday October 9th barrel racers from all over converged on Longhorn Arena for a one day barrel race, this race raised money for their local breast cancer treatment organization. over 170 open barrel racers along with a good number of youth and peewee jockies may not sound like a big amount but the fact is watching the competition you would have thought there was a couple million dollars on the line.

One of the reasons we want to take a moment and feature this event was not only that The Pepper Stewart Show was lucky enough to have a team on location but also the spirit that goes into all of these great sm…

ERA Semi Finals Highlights 2016

ERA Semi Finals Highlights 2016
Mesquite, Texas

Pepper Stewart Show
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Some Familiar Names Back on the PBR Scene

New Faces Making a Race to the End By: Phillip Kitts Pepper Stewart Show Staff Writer 
Well PBR Eugene has come and gone and as much as it seemed to be a routine event some big things happened during the weekend.
Starting off with a familiar face finding his place back on top. Silvano Alves may have found his rhythm again which could be bad news for the other competitors in the Built Ford Tough Series. Silvano knows how to win on the big stage. He has a championships on his resume and after last year even has round wins notched at World Finals. It not set in stone that he is on track but a win at a big event like Eugene could be proof that he is on his way.
Some other profound things came to light this weekend. Jess Lockwood continue to make his mark in the Bull Riding world, he has not yet notched his second win but with another big weekend he managed to put him self in even stronger position as World Finals come closer. Right now Jess sits 5th in the world and seems to be…

Does the Change of PBR Venue Bring New Challenges? ~ Joao Ricardo Vieira

Well PBR in Colorado Springs has come to an end. Joao Ricardo Vieira stepped up for a needed victory on the weekend. 
One of the things that came up during our talks last weekend about PBR, is not only cowboys and winning but also travel. Many probably do not sit back and really analyze the factors that come with the amount of travel and places the tour goes.
The last two events are prime examples of two different extremes, previously The Built Ford Tough Series was in Charlotte North Carolina. The city of Charlotte sits at an elevation of 785 feet above sea level, anyone who has been here knows that Charlotte has a very ocean influenced climate with what many describe as a heavier type of air. On the contrary the last PBR BFT event was hosted in Colorado Springs Colorado, which has an elevation of 6,035 feet above sea level. The air in Colorado has been described as thin and crisp by many people.
It is not uncommon information to hear athletes say that training or compe…

No Concern About Airtime and Magic Train

What an eventful weekend out in Charlotte ​for the PBR, by now most everyone has heard about the drama with the venue and most avid bull riding fans know some other drama played out.
With the race being on, for the top cowboys to position themselves for the race to finals it is very similar in the bull world. Going into Charlotte everyone who follows bull riding knows that Jared Allen's Pro Bulls 4 legged phenom Airtime was in the drivers seat as the top bull in the business.
Matt Scharping hauled his collection of amazing bucking bulls to include the infamous Airtime and Lane's Magic Train out to Charlotte for the event. This trip was scheduled to possibly  be the final out to qualify these bulls for a shot at bucking bull of the year, later this year in Las Vegas.
The trip to Charlotte didn't go as planned for the JAPBT, Airtime drew outside of the standard name for cowboys which may have directly effected his performance for the night. During a conversa…

Charlotte, NC PBR Almost Cancelled At The Last Minute

No matter how you feel about the powers that be when it comes to rodeo at any level time and time again things happen that prove that they have the best interest of the sport, the fans and the competitors in mind.
It is probably not well known that this weekend’s PBR event in Charlotte North Carolina came closer than ever before to being flat out cancelled. It seems that the arena has an issue with armed federal agents and performing their job duties.
In a heated social media post Sean Gleason explained his frustration when The Spectrum Center (Time Warner Cable Arena)  refused to allow federal agents who were performing duties as the events official color guard. The staff of the venue claimed that regardless of the fact that they were federal agents because they were armed were not allowed in the building. In his post Gleason went on to explain that after an hour and a half which involved lawyers, Charlotte Police (also baffled by this rule) escorted the agents into the…

Bull Domination in Springfield ~ Ryan Dirteater

As always PBR put out a full force effort this weekend for their event in Springfield Missouri at the PFI Invitational. With no lack of showmanship, glitz and glamour the show was nothing less than amazing.
PBR was not the only ones to bring their A game to Missouri for this event. The bull power here showed its domination.  During 44 originally scheduled out here at this event and 25 qualified rides there is a lot to be said about the level of bulls that attend this ride. But the numbers may not be a great assessment of the livestock and cowboys during the weekend. The fact is that because this was a classic bull event and there were a lot of new bulls in attendance maybe there is more to be said in this story.
Shortly after the completion of the event we had an opportunity to sit and talk with Chad Berger (2015 Stock Contractor of the Year) during our conversation we asked his take on the results from the weekend. Mr. Berger pointed out a couple things that may have p…

Inspired Lachlan Richardson Steps Up In Huge Style

This weekend a display of how a cowboy’s honor and seizing an opportunity can result in success and achievement.
Fans know that two weeks ago in Tulsa Oklahoma Lachlan Richardson showed a big spark when he tied with Cooper Davis for the round win on night 1. Not only did Lachlan carry this success to Thackerville Oklahoma he carried some additional inspiration, and was granted a window of opportunity.
Going into the weekend Mr. Richardson was carrying the heavy weight of the loss of a friend, for many this kind of weight can often be enough to make a guy draw out and use the time to process through grieving. Not in this case, Lachlan used this as inspiration as he dedicated his weekend to riding for the one he lost. And Ride for him he did, and found huge success in the process!
This weekend’s 15/15 set up much like any other with some exceptions. Number 2 in the world and 2-time world champ J.B. Mauney was forced to sit this one out while recovering from a Hip Pointer injury he sust…

Cooper Davis starts the second half of the season on a hot streak!! Tulsa 2016

All bull riding fans know that hot streaks do not last long and they do not come too often.  It is not closet news, that the PBR last half of the season kicked off last week and was the first stop to what looks to be a hot streak for Cooper Davis.
Cooper kicked off the second half of the season with a big win in Nashville last weekend, he carried that momentum into Tulsa this weekend. Night one he shared the round win with Lachlan Richardson tying with 87.75 on Glory Days. The 15/15 round didn’t go as well for Cooper when he bucked off Stone Sober the news buzz this morning was a question, if this buck off would cool off the smoldering hot Cooper.
The fact is, the buck off seemed to have zero effect on this cool and collected bull rider. During round 2 Cooper came with his game face on, his second round win with a dominating 87.25 on Psycho Path from Frontier Rodeo showed how much his focus was in the right place. Cooper then turn around and covered his short round bull M…