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After 10 nights of cowboy hats and cheetah print everything on the streets of Vegas this happened

After 10 nights of cowboy hats, cheetah print everything on the streets of Vegas here is what happen. 

How would you like to leave Vegas with $209,058.oo for ten day of rodeo? That is how bull rider Chase Dougherty rolls out of vegas. He won the Ram Top Gun award for most money won in one event during the ten days. As for the bull riding world  title it's a name you've heard before, Sage Kimzey wins his 5th consecutive PRCA world title. Kimzey continues to dominate the world of bull riding still looking to break Don Gay's record of eight world titles. 

Texan Team Roping Duo Take Home a Round 6 win 2018 NFR

Wade/Davison cash in with 3.9-second run! Team roping header Tyler Wade and his partner, heeler Cole Davison, were one spot out of the money in Rounds 1 and 5. The three rounds in between also were fruitless. But Tuesday night, the duo clocked a 3.9-second run to win the round and take home $26,231 apiece. 
“Awesome,” Wade said. “Glad to get the ball rolling finally.” Wade, 26, is in his second trip to Las Vegas for the $10 million rodeo. Davison, 29, now has his first go-round win in his first trip to the Finals. Despite the drought before Round 6, Davison was feeling pressure. But he did say he needed to relax, and that worked. “I’m not a very pressure-filled person,” Davison said. “I finally quit trying so hard tonight and just let it happen.” Nine team roping pairs missed in the round. Wade and Davison didn’t worry about that, they were focused on their steer. “We stay in our own lane and do our own deal,” Wade said. “We’ve been playing tag a little bit – he’s missed one, I’ve missed one. …