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Beef Quality Assurance Certification and free Herd Management software

          Free Certifications and Free Herd Management Software, Why Not? 

Every year we become more advanced in technology and it happens in the cattle word too.
Consumers today want more transparency and information where there beef comes from. 
So now you ask yourself what can I do help the consumers that fits into my cattle budget.

For starters you can become BQA ( Beef Quality Assurance) certified currently FREE of charge online and in person at select locations.

There are a few different certification you can get from cow-calf to transportation all information is list on their website. If your not sure ask the nearest kid to you I'm sure they have a smart phone and would be happy to pull it up for you.  Something new that recently released was from a company called Agex with digital traceable ear tags for you cattle. This is where it gets helpful,start bydownloading the free application called
Agex Herd www.AgexHerd.comon your smart phone. You then can scan or type in t…

2018 PRCA World Standings as of April 16th 2018

  2018 PRCAWorld Standings                                   Unofficial through April 16, 2018
All-around 1 Tuf Cooper, Decatur, Texas $84,702 2 Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif.