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Cooper Davis starts the second half of the season on a hot streak!! Tulsa 2016

All bull riding fans know that hot streaks do not last long and they do not come too often.  It is not closet news, that the PBR last half of the season kicked off last week and was the first stop to what looks to be a hot streak for Cooper Davis.
Cooper kicked off the second half of the season with a big win in Nashville last weekend, he carried that momentum into Tulsa this weekend. Night one he shared the round win with Lachlan Richardson tying with 87.75 on Glory Days. The 15/15 round didn’t go as well for Cooper when he bucked off Stone Sober the news buzz this morning was a question, if this buck off would cool off the smoldering hot Cooper.
The fact is, the buck off seemed to have zero effect on this cool and collected bull rider. During round 2 Cooper came with his game face on, his second round win with a dominating 87.25 on Psycho Path from Frontier Rodeo showed how much his focus was in the right place. Cooper then turn around and covered his short round bull M…