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Does the Change of PBR Venue Bring New Challenges? ~ Joao Ricardo Vieira

Well PBR in Colorado Springs has come to an end. Joao Ricardo Vieira stepped up for a needed victory on the weekend. 
One of the things that came up during our talks last weekend about PBR, is not only cowboys and winning but also travel. Many probably do not sit back and really analyze the factors that come with the amount of travel and places the tour goes.
The last two events are prime examples of two different extremes, previously The Built Ford Tough Series was in Charlotte North Carolina. The city of Charlotte sits at an elevation of 785 feet above sea level, anyone who has been here knows that Charlotte has a very ocean influenced climate with what many describe as a heavier type of air. On the contrary the last PBR BFT event was hosted in Colorado Springs Colorado, which has an elevation of 6,035 feet above sea level. The air in Colorado has been described as thin and crisp by many people.
It is not uncommon information to hear athletes say that training or compe…

No Concern About Airtime and Magic Train

What an eventful weekend out in Charlotte ​for the PBR, by now most everyone has heard about the drama with the venue and most avid bull riding fans know some other drama played out.
With the race being on, for the top cowboys to position themselves for the race to finals it is very similar in the bull world. Going into Charlotte everyone who follows bull riding knows that Jared Allen's Pro Bulls 4 legged phenom Airtime was in the drivers seat as the top bull in the business.
Matt Scharping hauled his collection of amazing bucking bulls to include the infamous Airtime and Lane's Magic Train out to Charlotte for the event. This trip was scheduled to possibly  be the final out to qualify these bulls for a shot at bucking bull of the year, later this year in Las Vegas.
The trip to Charlotte didn't go as planned for the JAPBT, Airtime drew outside of the standard name for cowboys which may have directly effected his performance for the night. During a conversa…

Charlotte, NC PBR Almost Cancelled At The Last Minute

No matter how you feel about the powers that be when it comes to rodeo at any level time and time again things happen that prove that they have the best interest of the sport, the fans and the competitors in mind.
It is probably not well known that this weekend’s PBR event in Charlotte North Carolina came closer than ever before to being flat out cancelled. It seems that the arena has an issue with armed federal agents and performing their job duties.
In a heated social media post Sean Gleason explained his frustration when The Spectrum Center (Time Warner Cable Arena)  refused to allow federal agents who were performing duties as the events official color guard. The staff of the venue claimed that regardless of the fact that they were federal agents because they were armed were not allowed in the building. In his post Gleason went on to explain that after an hour and a half which involved lawyers, Charlotte Police (also baffled by this rule) escorted the agents into the…

Bull Domination in Springfield ~ Ryan Dirteater

As always PBR put out a full force effort this weekend for their event in Springfield Missouri at the PFI Invitational. With no lack of showmanship, glitz and glamour the show was nothing less than amazing.
PBR was not the only ones to bring their A game to Missouri for this event. The bull power here showed its domination.  During 44 originally scheduled out here at this event and 25 qualified rides there is a lot to be said about the level of bulls that attend this ride. But the numbers may not be a great assessment of the livestock and cowboys during the weekend. The fact is that because this was a classic bull event and there were a lot of new bulls in attendance maybe there is more to be said in this story.
Shortly after the completion of the event we had an opportunity to sit and talk with Chad Berger (2015 Stock Contractor of the Year) during our conversation we asked his take on the results from the weekend. Mr. Berger pointed out a couple things that may have p…

Inspired Lachlan Richardson Steps Up In Huge Style

This weekend a display of how a cowboy’s honor and seizing an opportunity can result in success and achievement.
Fans know that two weeks ago in Tulsa Oklahoma Lachlan Richardson showed a big spark when he tied with Cooper Davis for the round win on night 1. Not only did Lachlan carry this success to Thackerville Oklahoma he carried some additional inspiration, and was granted a window of opportunity.
Going into the weekend Mr. Richardson was carrying the heavy weight of the loss of a friend, for many this kind of weight can often be enough to make a guy draw out and use the time to process through grieving. Not in this case, Lachlan used this as inspiration as he dedicated his weekend to riding for the one he lost. And Ride for him he did, and found huge success in the process!
This weekend’s 15/15 set up much like any other with some exceptions. Number 2 in the world and 2-time world champ J.B. Mauney was forced to sit this one out while recovering from a Hip Pointer injury he sust…