After 10 nights of cowboy hats and cheetah print everything on the streets of Vegas this happened

After 10 nights of cowboy hats, cheetah print everything on the streets of Vegas here is what happen. 

Chase Dougherty By: Billie-Jean Duff
How would you like to leave Vegas with $209,058.oo for ten day of rodeo? That is how bull rider Chase Dougherty rolls out of vegas. He won the Ram Top Gun award for most money won in one event during the ten days. As for the bull riding world 
title it's a name you've heard before, Sage Kimzey wins his 5th consecutive PRCA world title. Kimzey continues to dominate the world
of bull riding still looking to break Don Gay's record of eight world titles. 

Sage Kimzey By; Billie-Jean Duff

The lights are bring in Vegas but so is Hailey Kinsel who not only broke the WPRA (Womens Professional Rodeo Associaction) single
Hailey Kinsel By: Phil Doyle
season earnings record with $350,700.oo, but wrapped up the world title in the ninth round. It seems like only yesterday the Texas A&M
stand out won RFDTV The American Rodeo (the richest one day rodeo) becoming a house hold name.
From setting arena records 
to cashing the big check look forward to seeing her in Vegas again. 

After a few trip to Vegas Wildman, Wade Sundell wins his first PRCA world title. Sundell has been to the big stage many times and cashed in at  RFDTV The American Rodeo (the richest one day rodeo). 
Wade Sundell By: Phil Doyle
Sundell is a very electric guy and when he nods his head 
it's on until the whistle and he showed it each night during all ten rounds. Some of  $177,327.oo he won in Vegas will go towards his new home, due to his house fire that happened during the year. 

Tim O'Connell returned to Vegas as the two-time defending world champion and didn't disappoint. Each round was a battle and fellow bareback rider Caleb Bennett wasn't going to make it easy.
Tim O'Connell By: Phil Doyle 

As the days rolled on it looked like the title was slipping way, but nearing  
the final rounds O'Connell had some fight left in him. With some bumps and bruise along the way he got it done winning his third 
consecutive PRCA world title. 

With all the buzz surrounding Trevor Brazile and Tuf Cooper there were a few more guy in the tie-down event. With a good horse and fast hands tie-down roper Caleb Smidt wins his second PRCA world title. Smidt only won round 1 but showed that consistency pays off.  
Caleb Smidt By: James Phifer
Not only did Smidt win the world he also won the average clocking 83.7 on ten head. If that sounds familiar it's because when he won his first title in 2015 he also won the average that year too. Keeping with what works Smidt had his same partner
he won the world with in 2015, his horse Pockets. The horses often go un-noticed, but are a very important part of the performance,
it's a team effort and the best team wins. 

Tyler Waguespack wrestles his way to another PRCA world title.
Waguespack lights it up with a round one win then another 
in round 8 while staying consistent during the finals. 
Tyler Waguespack By: Phil Doyle
Waguespack puts it all together with the help of a great horse and handy 
hazer to capture his second world title in three years, including the average with 44.5 on ten head. 

When you decide to part ways then why not do it on top. Team ropers Clay Smith and Paul Eaves came to an agreement that after the world finals they would part ways and shake it up a bit. 
Smith/Eaves By: Phil Doyle
It started rocky with a miss in round one then Smith & Eaves 
bounced back to win round two. Continuing to place in rounds and winning round five they ended up third in the average. Smith/Eaves finished their partnership with PRCA Team Roping world title. 

With a major announcement that got heads turning before the finals, Trevor Brazile let the world know he plans to slow down. 
Brazile By: Tex Travis

Brazile finishes up his 2018 season with his fourteenth PRCA all around title bringing his title  total to twenty four. This year's NFR 
was not as smooth for Brazile as years past but he still proved why he's the king of the cowboys. With the 2018 season wrapped up 
it's not the last time you will see Brazile in action. He still plans to compete are a smaller scale with his focus on his family rather than 
another world title, but it's not out of the question. At 42 years old and way over six million dollars in career earning it will be a well worth it adjustment.       ~ Pepper Stewart