NFR round 2 Joe Frost clears 90 points on re-ride to win bull riding

                                     Joe Front in Round 2 NFR 2018

  Joe  Frost had just gotten off his first bull, when he was already getting ready to get on the next.

Frost, who was granted a re-ride, rode Powder River Rodeo’s Misfire for 90 points and the win in Round 2 Friday.

Frost barely had time to consider what was going on. And he was just fine with that.

Joe Frost By: Phil Doyle
“When things happen that fast, there were only five guys left to ride, and they were running the bull in by the time I got the sweat off my forehead,” said Frost, 26. “There was no time to think, so it was all reactions, and I like it that way. I stayed warm through the second bull.”

The news got even better for Frost. Because of ground money, Frost won $33,564 because he was one of only three riders to make the whistle.

“Shoot, that’s what it all boils down to, and it’s why we are here, to make a living,” he said. “The better you ride, the better living you make.”

Frost posted an 87-point ride in the opening round. He’s one of only two bull riders to cover both of their bulls through the early stages of the 10-day rodeo. He’s earned $59,218 in two days and climbed to third in the world standings with $155,381. 

He kept his approach the same from Thursday to Friday.

“I’ve had the same routine since I was a junior in high school,” he said. “There are so many variables in bull riding, and for me I like to keep my routine throughout my day – eat right, have a clear mind and positive attitude in all those things throughout the day. If you have a positive mindset, it makes it easier.”  ~ PRCA Media